Co-Ed Softball:  Season 6 Champions

Team:  Outkast 2.0

Co-Ed Softball:  Season 3 Champions

Team:  Underdogs

Co-Ed Softball:  Season 4 Champions

Team:  Outkast 2.0

               "Same Game... NEW Era!"

​Some might argue that the defending MTS Season 1 Champions, New Era had an easy road/schedule to make it to the championship game, but who they faced in the championship didn't guarantee they would end the season victorious...  New Era faced the well respected SA Trojans in the main event and did not disappoint!   

In a very close game that went back and forth, New Era managed to get the victory to earn their 2nd More Than Sports Flag Football Championship!!!

​Congratulations New Era!  *Back to Back CHAMPS* 

Flag Football:  Season 2 Champions

Class:  A Division

Team:  New Era

Co-Ed Softball:  Season 2 Champions

Team:  TKO

"We make it look EASY!"

The Knock Offs finished the season in 1st place and made it clear from week 1 they were the team to beat!

TKO had no weak spots on their team across the field, making it tough for their opponents every week to score runs and to stop them!

Cruising through the regular season, TKO was in a great position come playoff time and they did not disappoint, becoming the Season 2 Co-Ed Softball Champions!

Congratulations TKO!!!

"To be the best... You have to beat the best!"

It wasn't an easy road they traveled to get here, as they had to not only beat a great #3 seed team in the semi-finals, they had to get through the undefeated #1 seed team in the championship!

New Era proved they are the real deal and finished strong to earn the 1st and their 1st More Than Sports Flag Football Championship!!!

​Congratulations New Era!

Flag Football:  Season 1 Champions

Team:  New Era

"It's not how you start... It's how you finish!"

This could not be more true for the Reds who entered the playoffs at the 7th seed and fought their way through the playoffs, knocking down some tough opponents to come out victorious!

There weren't many people who picked the Reds to even make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs, but they definitely proved a lot of people wrong!

Congratulations REDS!!!

Co-Ed Softball:  Season 1 Champions

Team:  Reds

"We make it look EASY!"

Entering their 3rd season and coming so close to winning it all in previous seasons, there was only one thing on the Underdogs mind... Winning their 1st MTS Co-Ed Softball Championship!

With experience at every position, the Underdogs proved week after week why they were the team to beat!

Heading into the playoffs there was no doubt that the Underdogs would get to the championship game!  Once they got there, they never looked back and found themselves on the winning end of the big game this time around and earning them their 1st MTS Co-Ed Softball Champions!

Congratulations Underdogs, well deserved!!!

Flag Football:  Season 2 Champions

Class:  B Division

Team:  Warhawks

"We Run This League"

Early in the season it wasn't looking like Outkast 2.0 would be the same dominate team from the previous two seasons.  They faced adversity mainly with their roster, having to replace all but one of the original group of ladies they've played with (a talented group I should add.)

In the Championship game it was a close one that went back and forth, with Outkast 2.0 winning by one run!  Tied and needing one run to come out on top, Team Captain Will (who was also our league MVP) put the game away with a solo HomeRun to seal the deal for his team and lead them to victory!

The Championship Shirts this season say, "We Run This League" and this could not be more true for the 3-Time Co-Ed Softball MTS Champions!

Congratulations Outkast 2.0!!!  *3-Peat CHAMPS*

                     "Aim High...Fly-Fight-Win!"

In a season filled with great competition, the Warhawks caused a lot of problems for many of the teams in our league!  

Competing against many "A" division teams, they put up a fight week after week and proved they could compete against the very best!

​They landed in the B division come playoff time and it was clear from the start they would be the team to beat!

The Warhawks cruised to the championship game to earn the very 1st and their very, 1st More Than Sports "B" Division Championship!  

"There can only be ONE"

The very first time this team stepped on the field, it was VERY clear they were the real deal and would be one of the strongest teams in the league!

On a team with very few weaknesses and a lot of experience at every position, Outkast made teams play their best ball or quickly made teams pay if they weren't on their "A"game!

Landing in the 3rd seed come playoff time, Outkast had to beat a very good number 2 seed as the visiting team to get to the championship game, where the number 1 seed team awaited them (as the home team).

In one of the most exciting and competitive championship games we've seen, Outkast came out hitting and made the needed stops late in the game to knock off the number 1 ranked team and pull away with their 1st More Than Sports Co-Ed Softball Championship!

Congratulations Outkast 2.0, well deserved!!!

"Second To None"

Coming into the season there were some very high expectations for the defending Co-Ed Softball Champions!  They met expectations, losing only once during the regular season...

Outkast 2.0 cruised their way to the Championship game to face the only team that had beat them during the regular season! A team that simply couldn't be beat and finished undefeated as well...!  

When it mattered the most, Outkast 2.0 delivered and dominated their opponent the entire game!

They become the first ever, "Back To Back" Co-Ed Softball Champions!

Congratulations Outkast 2.0!!!  *Back To Back CHAMPS*

Co-Ed Softball:  Season 5 Champions

Team:  Outkast 2.0