Co-Ed Softball:  Season 5

Field Location: Tony "Skipper" Martinez (3700 N. St. Mary's)

Start Date:  June 21, 2017

***subject to change based on total confirmed teams by start date***

(due to weather or any other unforeseen issues)

Confirmed Teams For Season 5

  1. Bombers
  2. Pitches Hate Us
  3. Creepers
  4. Pitches Be Crazy
  5. ​EA98D
  6. ​Bomb Squad
  7. ​Guerrilla Sports
  8. Spare Parts
  9. Outkast 2.0
  10. ​Inglorious Batters

NoteSchedules and Field Locations are subject to change due to weather, field availability, or any other unforeseen issues... 

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