​​Field Location: Rosedale Park  303 Dartmouth 78237

Season 7:  Co-Ed Softball Champions


Season 10:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

Bexar County's Finest

Season 6:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

Outkast 2.0

*** Top 5 Team Make Playoffs ***

Season 5:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

Outkast 2.0

Note: Schedules and Field Locations are subject to change  due to weather, field condition, field availability, or any other unforeseen issues... 

Season 8:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

SA Made

Season 1:  Co-Ed Softball Champions


Season 2:  Co-Ed Softball Champions TKO

Note 1:  While we try to accommodate each request made per team each week, please understand our options are limited due to total number of teams, field availability, and length of time we have field reserved for each week.  Lastly, we also want to be fair and considerate to all teams participating in our league.

Note 2:  Although More Than Sports makes every effort for all games to be played on scheduled dates, schedules are subject to change based on cancellation of games due to weather, field condition or any other unforeseen issues with teams, field, etc.

Season 3:  Co-Ed Softball Champions


  • Quit Your Pitching has dropped
  • Here For The Pitches dropped due to non payment (deposit)
  • Quince 15 has changed team name to PR Auto Glass 15
  • Team Let Me Know has been dropped due to back to back forfeits

Season 11:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

Texas Trouble

Season 4:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

Outkast 2.0

Playoff Rosters

Please note that there will be no "stacking" of players allowed during the playoffs!  

1. If a player did not play on a team at least twice during the season, that player is ineligible to play during the playoffs - NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Players CANNOT play on more than 1 team during the playoffs and player will only be allowed to play on team he/she belonged to during regular season (final roster/stats)!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Any team caught not following the above rules will be immediately disqualified!

For any questions, concerns, or protests, team captain must address with game umpire "BEFORE" game starts...

Note: Schedules and Field Locations are subject to change  due to weather, field availability, or any other unforeseen issues... 

*Co-Ed Softball (SPRING 2019) Schedule*

8 Week Season:7 games per team, plus playoffs!!!


  • Final decision to play all scheduled games will be determined by 5pm of that day. MTS Director will go to the field and look at field condition, plus current weather to make final decision.
  • Although More Than Sports makes every effort to play every game that is scheduled, we cannot predict or control the weather.  Field Availability will determine if game(s) are made up on a different day/week...
  • Make-Up games are not guaranteed throughout the season...

Season 9:  Co-Ed Softball Champions

MTS Reign