• Final decision to play all scheduled games will be determined by 5pm of that day.  MTS Director will go to the field and look at field condition, plus current weather to make final decision.
  • Although More Than Sports makes every effort to play every game that is scheduled, we cannot predict or control the weather.  Field Availability will determine if game(s) are made up on a different day/week...
  • Make-Up games ARE NOT guaranteed throughout the season...

FINAL Winter League Standings:

Top 5 teams make playoffs!


*single elimination tournament*


  • In the event a team has the same record, a "Head to Head" win puts winning team on top regardless of Point Diff.
  • In the event that teams are tied with same record and same Diff and have not had a head to head, the team with the most Runs goes on top.​
  • In the event of a forfeit, winning team gets 7 runs by default and the losing team gets 7 runs against by default